Create a distinctive Café, Bar or Restaurant with Vorsen..

We’re all about great design here at Vorsen and there’s no better place to find your perfect table base, top and seat combination from our extensive range.

Select from modern, contemporary or classic styles or build your own eclectic look from a quality range of metallic, natural timber and upholstered options.

For a more expressive design solution, Vorsen has the capability to produce custom dining or bar tables through to stools, benches, consoles and more. Crafted from Australian Recycled Hardwood, custom pieces can be finished naturally or in a choice of various stains, painted, gloss or satin finishes. Enquire today to learn more - your experience and our know-how can help create something brilliant.

The choice is endless too on the seating front. Our smorgasbord of chairs and stools are sorted by style and function for ease of selection at our Northmead showroom. The abundance of natural light assists in selecting the colour finishes, replicating typical venue lighting conditions.

Research our range online and organise a time to see one of our professionals who can help bring your imagination to life and can also guide you if you’re needing a little inspiration. You will leave feeling like it was time well-spent. 

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