Do we have a stool for you!

Shopping for the perfect stool is a breeze at Vorsen. Our collection is suitable for most table heights with stools ranging from 45cm seat height for dining tables, 65cm seat height for kitchen bench through to 75cm seat height for bar tables and benches. Some designs also feature an adjustable seat height to help cater for custom table height sizes.

If comfort is high on the agenda consider our upholstered or woven seat designs or for a streamlined look our contoured seat styles work well too. 

The only decision left is that of style and colour. Select from our ever-popular rustic range, through to our classic, contemporary and modern lines in stylish monochrome, pastel or bold colours for some punch.

Best of all, there’s a good chance you can start enjoying it right away with our designs generally in stock and ready to deliver or pick-up from our Northmead warehouse.

Bookmark our online shop and scan regularly to view our new designs and don’t forget to follow our Instagram feed for updates on our designer pieces. Its also a great way to view our pieces in trendy projects across Australia.

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