Does your café have what it takes for a bumper outdoor dining season?

Australian’s love outdoor dining and as the warmer months roll on in, it’s the perfect time to review your outdoor dining strategy.

Depending on your objectives, some simple measures can have a big impact on your bottom line performance. A seating & table layout rework can help promote flow and improved flexibility of your outdoor space while giving the area a fresh inviting look.

It’s a different situation if you’ve had a new competitor set up shop in your patch or your outdoor dining space appears tired and creates the wrong first impression. This is where a revised outdoor furniture program could make all the difference without investing in expensive fitout updates. It’s important to first understand your objectives to ensure the numbers stack up.

Vorsen can help you with the planning, ordering and delivery stages of your new outdoor dining layout, whether it’s to help you get the most out of your space with the right mix of tables and chairs or ensure choices are practical for your needs and are also appropriately durable for your outdoor environment.

Make an appointment with our team today, bring your site plans and let’s work together to help you make the most of this lifestyle trade.

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