Hospitality, prepare for post-lockdown!

As we prepare for post-lockdown life here in NSW we are also reminded of the upcoming summer months and what this means for our local restaurants, cafes, bars and other entertaining venues. Vorsen is looking toward the next few months with rose-coloured glasses and excitement for what this means for our beloved commercial customers.


Reopening your doors for your customers might mean that now is the time to think about utilising your outdoor areas even more - and prepare you venue for visitors again. Let's be honest: outdoor dining is number one on almost everyone's wish list!


We have plenty of in-stock items to include in your plans as well as more shipments due in the near future. Utilising your space may mean adding more cafe-style tables & chairs, dining tables, sofas, or even coffee corners - we have them all!


Chat to our sales team about options that will best suit you including stackable chairs/stools and folding table bases for easy storage. Our team is ready to answer any product related enquiries as well as assist you with getting your order underway and delivery when you need it!

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