Leather Versus PU

Often when people hear PU (Polyurethane) or artificial leather upholstery they immediately think of vinyl and how is looks when it peels and splits - it is a rather negative view of what can be a really amazing, cost effective alternative to genuine leather. 

Just like genuine leather - PU comes in different levels of quality which affects not only the aesthetic but also the longevity. Handbag quality PU sets the standard across the Vorsen range which is soft but durable with our products being placed in a variety of hospitality venues to prove it.

With our products being sourced from a variety of factories, not all use same PU - this can cause variation in colour as well as texture on the products. For example the PU used on our OLIVIA arm chair in vintage tan PU is not the same as the PU used on our COCO kitchen stools in vintage tan PU. Both are excellent quality but the COCO reflects a higher quality which is evident in comparison - at closer inspection you can see the ‘grain’ stamped into the PU which better helps it impersonate genuine leather.

PU also does not need to be maintained in the same way as genuine leather by being moisturised to prevent being dried out - PU can simply be cleaned using a microfibre cloth slightly damp with soap and warm water.

With all this being said, genuine leather is popular and timeless for a reason. Having a smaller but carefully selected range of leather products, Vorsen utilises high-quality leathers that include top-grain Italian leather (see our CALIFORNIA arm chair).

The longevity of leather often surpasses a PU - the old saying is leather only gets better with age which is true! It will soften and age gracefully when taken care of and can often be a better investment for the longterm. Maintenance includes regular oiling, cleaning up spills instantly. A perk of genuine leather when compared to PU is that marks can be buffed out whereas on PU after the surface has been broken there is little that can be done in ways of repairs to return it to its original state.

In summary, if you are looking to invest in a gorgeous arm chair for your home that will last a lifetime you may want to consider leather as the better option. However, if you are looking to fit-out a restaurant and are budget conscious you may want to consider PU chairs as they have minimal maintenance and tend to be more cost effective.

If you are unsure which way to go please feel free to contact our sales team for advice and options.

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