Psychology of the seat

We take the act of sitting for granted but designers and specifiers alike are increasingly paying attention to details when making design choices. Extra time spent distinguishing between the good and the bad can the difference in revenue for clients and comfort experience for guests.

Its all about doing your homework to firstly understand the intended audience or market who will be using the seating within a venue. Are they young or mature, large or small or are there cultural or demographic considerations worth noting. Then its important to understand the practical needs of the venue such as cleaning regime, staff capabilities in handling furniture and how much seating will be moved and stored.

If working with building drawings, it may be worth mocking up with props to provide a visual sense of scale and proportions. How do the seats work with table heights and table sizes? Is there enough space between each seat to enter and exist the table or space?

The next phase is the fun part, experiencing the seat for yourself with the view of how your client's audience/guest base will use the seat. Is the seat sturdy enough and well constructed to handle the rigours of commercial use. Is it wide and deep enough, and is the backrest sufficiently supportive? Is the padding ideal to ensure the guest is comfortable to stay? Do you need armrests or footrests for additional comfort and continued patronage? Are the proposed seating choices stackable and light to handle and pack away for storage, yet strong enough to handle the outdoor environment? Is the colour inviting and easy to maintain? Is the upholstery material comfortable to sit on for periods of time and easy to clean if soiled?

There are lots of factors to consider and Vorsen customers know we have furniture solutions that tick the boxes on what matters most to them. So much so their guests are equally impressed and ask where they can purchase for their own homes.

Experience a Vorsen seat for yourself to see how we can add value to your venue.

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