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During our one-on-one showroom appointments we are asked a variety of styling questions both related to furniture as well as other aspects of the home or venue. These are an accumulation of our five most frequently asked questions. It is important to note that styles and colours are completely individual and unique - there is no right or wrong answer for your own home.

Can you help me select colours? I like this colour but I don't have anything else to tie it in the space..

Colour assistance is one of the biggest requests we receive when selecting furniture for any space. Our team members are always happy and willing to help but they can only go as far as offering advice - the decision is always in your hands. 

Advice will vary depending on the criteria for the furniture as well as the current colours in the space. Some people prefer their pieces to all be complimentary colours, others are looking for a pop of colour, and some people are looking for a mosaic of colours with a new one for each stool or dining chair.

This is where our sales team will generally begin by asking you additional questions regarding your specified colour preferences and lead you in the best direction based off of this information. For example: if you mentioned interest in 'grey furniture' you may be asked to provide further information as 'grey' is not specific enough - there are warm & cool tones and in further depth there are three main undertones: blue, green & purple/violet. These undertones are what can affect the perception of the colour based on the exposure of your room - given this is something commonly known when selecting wall paints, it is still relevant to soft furnishing in your home.

FUN FACT: Human vision can distinguish an average of 1 million different colours (a ballpark figure by most researchers), however perception of colour is highly subjective and varies from person to person.

Should I care about the back of the dining chair or kitchen stools?

Many people don't pay attention to the back-view of their dining chairs and counter stools - however, once seeing a chair like our BROOKLYN dining chair with beautiful brass detailing & stitching it comes to mind that the back of the chair can become a feature in your home. Thinking about small details like this can transform your space - dining chairs (when tucked into a table) can draw the eyes easily so this is something to consider when planning your space and its furniture.

Should I pick a dining table or chairs first? 

The answer to this question will vary based on who you ask however there is no right answer. Some people prefer to choose a dining table first as that is the larger piece in the set, whereas some people prefer to select chairs first as there are multiple pieces. 

The important thing to remember is to check your sizes both to confirm the quantity of chairs that can fit around the table as well as if your specific dining chair will fit underneath (if the chair has arm rests).

How many dining chairs can I fit at my table?

This will depend on both the size of your table and the width of your chairs - keeping in mind that your chairs should not be touching each other or any part of the table - this will cause your chairs to wear down faster in those spots. We would recommend at least 15cm between each chair - plus you don't want your guests cramped up next to each other while seated!

Here is some food for thought: Why not mix up the dining chair designs? At the heads of the table you could place chairs with arms for both comfort and style as well as having the extra space to fit a wider chair. You could then place arm-less chairs on the lengths of the table to help save space (and in some cases have room for an extra chair).

You can tie this all together by selecting pieces that are available in the same colours - which brings us to our Q&A...

Can I have all my furniture match?

It is possible to have certain furniture pieces match however this will usually rely heavily on purchasing all the pieces from the same store and confirming with sales reps before hand. For instance, at Vorsen we have a variety of products available in Tan, however we use a variety of factories so not all tans will look the exact same. Our sales representatives are always happy to provide you with matching options based on your needs however they may not be able to match new furniture to your existing pieces if they have been purchased elsewhere.

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