Is your kitchen ready for Christmas gatherings?

The kitchen is at the heart of the home and with a little planning can become the most loved space this Christmas.

Start off thinking about how you use your kitchen, how it fits into your day and who actually uses it too and for which purposes.

Is much time used for preparing food, cooking, baking or is it used to gather the kids for breakfast, dinner and homework?. Will you have family and friends over for a casual bite or a drink over the Christmas and the summer holidays?

All these factors can play a vital role in design choices and small improvements can go a long way creating a comfortable kitchen everyone can enjoy.

Vorsen has studied how kitchens are used in contemporary Australian homes and assembled a range of furnishing solutions to help create your dream kitchen.

We have everything from timber, metal and even upholstered designs which work with many contemporary, classic and traditional home décor styles.

Our designer kitchen stool, eat-in kitchen dining table, chairs and homeware accessories are generally in stock and ready to ship around the Australia in time for Christmas.

Visit our online shop to explore the options which best match your needs and order for a timely delivery this festive season.



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