The Sweet Spot..

Ever been troubled by furniture stores either not having a wide enough range or variety? Or is the quality questionable and lead times unrealistic for you?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, Vorsen may be the answer as we make the shopping experience easy and fuss free.

Our furniture range is diverse and well selected for the Australian market. So if you after a certain look, we many variants of each style to help you achieve the desired effect. We push the boundaries on the status quo our rivals could only dream possible - let your creative side run wild.

Quality is another factor we consider carefully in our choices. We pay particular attention to grades of materials used whether in its raw form or finished surfaces. Construction methodologies used through to fit an finish are all important criteria in our designs to ensure longevity and performance. We are confident we have a furniture solution which meet the needs of your specific requirements or purpose.

Our value proposition is second-to-none as we virtually remove the middle man allowing us to have control (most of the time) on the whole process from beginning to when you receive your most prized furniture from Vorsen. Our prices represent top value for quality and design. You'd be hard pressed to find anything similar elsewhere in the market. Save time, effort and stick to your budget with our quality furniture range. 

Its no accident we are different to all other furniture offerings across the Australian market. We are determined to stand out on all the points that matter to you - that is why we sit in the sweet-spot within the Australian furniture industry. Try us today and find out for yourself why we are so popular with residential and commercial clients alike. 





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